YZ 450F - All Models

I inquired about an FMF Q4 on ebay that didn't specify which models the exhaust was for, and he replied back that it specified YZ450F because it would fit all models of the 450...is this true ? I don't believe this is correct...

Thanks for any help !

According to the FMF web site the 03-05 muffler part# is 044199 and the 06-09 muffler part# is 044232 so there is a difference in years.

The steel framed 450 exhaust will not fit on the aluminum framed 450, the mid pipe is usually longer and the distance from the canister mount to the other bolt on the sub frame is different also. They do look close when just looking at them off the bike.

2 different fits 03-05 and 07-09

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