blown head gasket

What are some signs of a blown head gasket besides running very hot.

YZ426 very hot ???

coolent leaking out???

Changed jet to a 185 and that is what I had befor but today there was no problem with the coolent. Could the old jet have been bad??

I was going to try a 160 or 162 but have not yet.

Help it has a mind of its own..??

do YZ's have a hotstart button?

if so is it leaking?

how's the pull in top gear?

why would you go from a 185 back to a 160MJ?


Yes there is a hot start but it is not leaking.

The guys at the shop said that I should try a 160 or 162. ??????

anything else?????


I don't understand......your 426 should have come stock with a 162 main jet, why do you have a 185 in it?

Yes, the red pull knob on your carb is your hot start button.

When you pull the plug, is it wet with moisture? is the bike blowing white smoke? Is there water in your oil when you drain it? Check your compression too......Not sure what it should read, but the manual will say. Good luck Dog.


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