96 DB pipes versus insert?

Tried the Thumper racing baffle in my bike this weekend. What a turd! It took away all the rev and made my pipe turn brownish from the heat! I want to pass a sound test but need something better than this. Is there a pipe that is less restrictive and gives good performance without being so dang loud? I do not want to ride it this loud on the trails but may have to. The technology has to be out there somewhere. :) I guess the only way we can have performance and quiet is go back to 2 stroke???? I am so bummed. ----Mike

Mike- I talked to Big Gun and they claim that their pipe with the quiet core is only down about 1 hp compared to their race core, and keeps the wr450 below 96db. I have Pro Cirquits new quiet pipe, the 496, on order. They also claim good things. We'll see. I'm with you, I'm not willing to put a cork in it, but it looks like the after market is starting to come around.

GYT-R makes a insert that is supost to be good , i run a PRO MOTO insert [ for stock pipe ] the bike runs great it dosen't seem to affect things , i used to run the stock pipe uncorked but this thing works and dosen't make much more noise comparied to the stock baffel . still makes good power ,

Thunder Alley is making a quiet pipe that is supposed to INCREASE performance AND be quiet. :)

The baffle insert is a band aid to a good pipe. I would recommend to anyone to get a pipe designed to handle the volume and keep the noise down. You are about to see pipe mufflers getting larger with several stages of expansion to get the performance we are all demanding and the noise that the state is demanding. : :)

I had tried to run my YZ426 exhaust with a ProMoto setup and quiet insert on my WR450. The WR ran great. On my YZ it tested at 96.7 db (4500rpm) On the WR it tested at 99.2db (4250rpm). I thought the packing might have burned out so I took the silencer apart and it looked good as new, can't explain why it's higher. Yesterday I bought a ProMoto insert for the stock WR exhaust, it killed the performance but it is quiet. How about the exhaust manufacturers making a real muffler like they use on the dirt track milers? I believe a muffler like a "Flowmaster" could get the bikes quiet and still have performance.

I am leary of the Big Gun stuff. They are built cheap like the FMF stuff from what I have seen. The Thunder Alley could be good. The pro Circuit could be great. What about the Yoshimura with the TEC inserts? I heard it is 96 DB with the mid size one and still rips. CRD is out of the loop, they can not get pipes. These inserts in the stock exaust suck. I really want to find somthing to work. I can only afford to buy once, so I have to be carefull! ---Mike

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