I'm curious about knee braces

Had my left knee scoped three weeks ago. My doctor wrote me a perscription for knee braces, (CTI2's), for both knees and my insurance will pay 100% :D I suspect there are other riders on this forum with knee brace experience and would like to hear their impressions. How long did it take to get comfortable with them? Any long term problems?

Thanks in advance and my apologies to anyone I may have insulted in the last three weeks, (I'll blame the Vicoden :))

Bought a pair of Asteriks, forgot about them after 15 mins of riding. They adjust pretty well. Got them too tight the first few time out, kind of makes you leg look deformed by the end of the day. I have no knee problems other than my left pops during deep knee bends. Bought them as a prevention measure. I think CTI is the parent company to asteriks.

I reccomend them highly. Armor your body, then your bike. After that come performance parts.


You will feel naked riding without them afterwards. I just bought a pair of EVS braces and so far they work pretty well. The CTI I hear are the best around.

Maybe your Doc could sponsor me with a prescription also.

Aren't you lucky!!

I went to the doc after having a torn MCL, and then again to the doc after tearing my miniscus(s). He wouldn't do "Preventitive" maintenance... I thought... "what an ass!" But I also told him my knee issues were from motorcycle issues... he didn't like that too much.

ANYWAY... enough ranting.

I purchased Asterisks as well. Love'em. But I've heard bad stories about "strings" breaking when a crash occurs...etc. I've had no problems, but I haven't crashed (knock on wood) with them. And ya, you forget about them once your riding. It's nice to not have the insides of your knees sore from gripping the tank so much. The only complaint I have... they're bulky. Good thing I wear "baggies" and not the tighter in the boot riding pants. I'm not sure if they would fit under them.

Yes - I'm lucky. My doctor didn't want to prescribe me the braces either. He said I needed bigger injuries to my knees to get the insurance company to pay. So I mentioned to him the brace company has ads in the magazines where they will refer you to a doctor who will write a prescription and he changed his mind in a hurry. He was more surprised than me when the insurance co. said ok for both knees.

The doctors office called yesterday and I pick them up tommorow, (Fri), so I'll be trying them out this weekend.

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