What's wrong with you guys? Or with me..

I keep reading this mindless babble and finally I have to say: Why do most of you experts want to keep fixing something that isn't broke..My experience: WR400, 11,000 miles, WR426 7000 miles, new WR450.. Riding from Baja at sea level to 5000 feet in Washington, I have NEVER touched my carb, never had anyone run away from me on their Yamaha, It only backfired when I was running out if gas..I have:

vortip, greywire cut, snorkle and top off airbox, scotts triple clamps and damper,Protapers,panoram and Scotts sharkfin..So is all this carb work necessary to bond with your bike or what? If I sound confused, I am. :)

I was wondering the same thing :)

Ya guys. I too agree with if it ain't broke don't mess with it..But I also appreciate making the bike run as well as it's supposed to given some minor adjustments, i.e., free mods. Check out this link for some straight forward feebies

offered by MX Offroad. :)Free Mods. that make sense :DDirtstiff :D

Big Jim,

Glad to see another fellow Alaskan on the site. If you ever make it to the road system on the Kenai penninsula, look me up. I have some fantastic trails locally.

My WR was seriously lean for the weather conditions present when I purchased it in March. I have since backed off quite a bit on the jetting. I have learned alot about getting this beast more in the ballpark with the varying weather. The difference is very subtle but it is there. I would like to compare notes with another rider from this area.

I guess you could find one jetting setting to work for all your riding. But for me rejetting 4 times per year, as well as for major altitude jumps like 5,000 feet and any intake exhaust flow mods allows my bike to respond to throttle inputs without lag or hesitation. A crisp hard hitting throttle response throughout the range is what I demand to enjoy my type of riding. I would rather not ride then ride a bike that has crappy throttle response. Call some of us members as picky, but it is all well worth it :)

mindless babble

>> Hmmm...

Just because your bike is running, doesn't mean it is running as good as it can. As for tinkering w/ my bike, all I can say is I am more educated about my bike.

The only thing I have left to do is to disassemble/rebuild a shock. The rest of the bike is cake!

I would rather pocket $50.00/hr than to pay some "Official Local Yamaha Mechanic" to do something that I am better at than him. :D

Wrench on!! :)

Hi Indy,

Can you tell me when the times you change jettings are? By the time I get my jetting perfect, It will be time to change it again. With a 48 pilot installed I need to turn my fuel screw out 3 or more turns. Should I run a 50 pilot with fuel screw out only 1-1 1/2? I almost have it perfect but I don't like having to turn the fuel screw out so far for fear of it falling out while blasting down the trails.

Hey Big Jim,If you haven't touched you carb and still haven't trimmed or replaced you throttle stop, your silde in your carb is only opening half way. I don't know if you just got your bike or don't ride with anybody who has their USA WR 450 set up for competion but anybody with a stock throttle stop on their carb ain't fast.

Hey Foursmoke.

I would not go up to a 50 pilot until winter riding. I am still with the 48 and am switching to a 42 when it gets hot around here. Yamaha four strokes seem to like richer pilot circuits. There is a lot of debate on how to set up your carb's pilot jetting. I adhere to the richer circuit while others like to go down as low as 35. Your off idle response is what you should be looking at to determine which way to go. You do not want a bog or hesitation off idle. Pilot jet is just one aspect to the pilot circuit. Obviously everyone agrees that the zip ty air screw should be between 1 to 3 turns out before a pilot jetting change is needed. If you are at three turns you will need to go smaller when it gets hotter in your region of the country. :)

OK, OK, I'm starting to understand now. Yes I did change the trottle stop on all the bikes so I guess I lied when I said I NEVER touched my carb. But I never took it off. I used to do a lot of racing but don't now and I'm really not noticing a big lag in throttle response, if I was still racing I might.. I also never pay $50 per hour and do 98% of my wrenching.. I'd love to do some riding in Kenai but never took my bike North as I was always fishing and fixing broken stuff on a 52 foot boat so I guess thats why wrenching when not necessary doesn't crank my tractor anymore.. Although I did spend 8 hours setting up my new 450 today.. Thanks for the feedback guys! Big Jim, Cordova Alaska and White Salmon, Wa. in the Summer and Los Barriles, Baja in the Winter... :)

Hey Foursmoke, You may have a vacuum leak in your carb to be out so many turns with the 48 pilot. You may want to check that everything is tight and seated on the carb and carb boots.

Hey Blireef, Most of us members dont have an issue with you not touching your bike. I do have an issue with your thread. We are not attacking you and NHKevin, myself and others here are trying to voice our opinion as asked by you.

Be Happy ride and join in when you can on this awesome forum. I really appreciate the expert input from members like NHKevin and I would hate to see them leave this forum because of threads like this. Now go ride your bike! :)

I would hate to see them leave this forum...

>> I ain't going nowhere! :)

Just a bit of FYI history:

James Dean and Clarke Mason were our two original carb guru's. They were both working on carb needles, grinding needle tapers to make OUR bikes work better.

James sent one of his needles to Yamaha. The end result is James needle made it on the 2000WR!!

Both those guys went on to different bikes (KTM and Honda XR650R) but their niche has been carved forever on our WR forum!

That is what trying to improve upon a design is ALL about!! :D

Jim, I hear ya man. I don't like fixing things that ain't broke either. But I have to tell ya, that since I started surfing ThumperTalk starting in about 2000 my knowledge has increased on an order of magnitude. Some of it I use, some I don't. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to continue to subscribe to several motorcycle magazines. The only reason I can think of is that they have better pictures! :) And, it is fun to see if they have caught up to us yet technically. :D

Keep the info coming guys! :D

NHKevin, enjoy your time working on you bike!! I just wonder sometimes like the subject of my post said, what's wrong with me cause I don't seem to find any big problems with the preformance.. So no hard feelings here.. I started this sport with a Greeves that you fouled a plug every 20 miles on. Used to carry plugs in a belt like bullets, so these bikes blow my mind , changed the plug on the 426 once in 7000 miles and it didn't need it then. I defininatly believe in and practice preventative maintenance and do a lot of it.. I formaly retract the mindless babble remark. Big Jim :)

PS. I Agree with the value of this forum!! I would still have the grey wire attached, the trottle stop in, I would have dropped the airbox out to remove my snorkle on the 450 like the dealer told me and on and on. Come down to Los Barriles, Baja and ask for big Jim and I'll take you on some awesome desert rides..


I felt much like you about my yz400, only a little tinkering with the jetting. Then I got the wr450, I did all of the free mods one at a time to check the change each time. I felt much better with the mods. done, but still felt the bike didn't rev as quickly or pull as hard as it should. I started with the jetting specs. that seemed most common with my location & alt. that I had seen posted on this GREAT forum. WOW! It became a new bike, what a blast to ride! Your bike may be ruuning great, but you will never know if you don't try it. :):D :D

Thanks for your input on my jetting issues Indy! Any tips on setting the fuel screw? Maybe I am going about it wrong. I would warm up my bike first, then set the idle up high. After doing all that I would turn the fuel screw out from all the way in stopping for a moment at each # until my idle sounded steady and smooth. Once it sounded right I double check by opening the throttle fast to see how the response is. No matter were the fuel screw is set, I still have a hesitation. It just seems to be better at three tuns out. Should I set it at 1 1/2 and just ride it? Could I be to rich and I need to try a # lower. I have stock needle with clip position set at #5. I know i'm not to lean cuz if I pull in the hot start lever and rev it I get lean popping but not with it out. THANKS! :)

Hey foursmoke,

You should try a leaner pilot jet. If all else is set up right with your carb. The air screw leans out the pilot circuit as it is backed out. At 3 turns you have adjusted it to full open. You need to start with a leaner pilot jet and look at changing your leak jet to a 40 while you are at it. Every bike flows a little different. My 48 pilot is still at 2 turns out on the air screw. I would try moving down to a 45 if you are at 48. Jetting still seems to be a black art to me and there is some conflicting concensus on pilot circuit set up. When you got it right its great and when it is not it can be hell. Dont give up let us know how the rejetting results turn out. :)

Dude I agree. I should have left well enough alone. But I must say, riding sea level to 5000 is a little different than starting at 6000 and going up to 13,500. You have to rejet up here. I'd love to be able to ride sea level all the time.

And these aren't XR400s that you can hardly change the oil if you want and ride forever. I'm trying to get the best out of a high performance bike. It has always run but I never have dialed the jetting in. Up here it is quite a bit tougher to figure out. I'm going on four years now and I never have figured it out.

The smart money was to leave it WR timed and jetted the from the shop at pick up. But then I wouldn't have learned anything about how to work on them or how they run. Where's the fun in that? Frustrating at times, more than worth it when I learn something and figure it out. :)

Dougie, Thanks for that, but I think You guys might be right on the jetting for the 450, I'm going to ride it a bit to see but I noticed it will not only hesitate when reving from an idle but actually die sometimes. I also notice that Yamaha must think the 450 is a little more finicky cause they actually give you extra jets with the bike. I think I'm riding the Colorado 500 this fall so I will get the bike to 14000 ft..So, :) will my fuel screw fall out before I can another???

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