What's wrong with you guys? Or with me..

Is anyone else ready for Yamaha to bring out a fuel injection system for these beasts?

Weather changes here in Alaska vary quite a bit during the course of a day. This time of year, I awake to a just above freezing 33 degrees/calm winds/high humidity/@sea level. By 10am, it is 55/ breezy. Gets up to a balmy 65-70 during the warmest part of the day(only for a few hours though) , humidity plummets causing air density changes(you can actually feel it). The situation reverses itself as the sun moves down towards the horizon in the evenings. WE have over 16 hours of usable daylight right now and will be up to 20 hours soon(imagine midnight rides without lights). The mountain ranges up here are so big that they create their own weather systems. Add in a stiff wind blowing off a glacier and the ambient air temperature gets supercooled during the hottest part of the day. It is rare that two consecutive days are the same.

AT some point, you just have to thow up your hands. :) I have come to realize that this bike will rarely be jetted spot on for the conditions throughout the course of the day and learned to live with it being fat in areas and lean in others. For those times it is spot on, WOW :D. I've left things fat just to be on the safe side.

I don't think anyone can relate to the weather up there, I have benn there in Summers for 30 years and I can't.. It's amazing how volatile the weather can be in Alaska..I just took the 450 out for a 3 hour single track and roads ride and all I can say is WOW! this bike is really cool and much different and better than the 426, I'm amazed at the difference in handling and I have'nt even dipped into the power available yet. The bike is tight and very responsive.. :):D :D

Are you up here right now? Or down in the lower 48?

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