Anyone try an FMF on the 2010 450

Has anyone tried the FMF 4.1 full system on there 2010 450 yet? It sure has the cool factor going on but I still need some info before I pull the trigger!

I have the fmf Ti slip on pressently with the insert ring installed. It mellowed the low a tad helped the over rev some . Nothing special. Although it sounds Great if that matters. So I now have the mega bomb head pipe & mid on the way. It has plenty of power ,Just want to mod the delivery up top, to stretch gears out.We shall see. Although In good track conditions I actually dont mind the low end snap. This week I will start to try out some tuner settings.The fmf slip on is apx 1 # lighter than stock. jeff

Thanks Jeff please keep us posted on your findings with the header!

My complete system just shipped since they switched the Megabomb to the pot design. Only way its getting tested though is on the ice so. Well see when it comes in.

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