2010 yz450f oil filter the same?

Can anyone verify that the 2010 YZ450F oil filter is the same as previous models? I'm getting together some items as I await my 2010 and want to get a Scotts reusable filter. I can't find any parts fiche online for the new model yet.

Have you asked the dealer from which you purchased the bike? That's their job; it's what they do.

It is the same, I asked my dealership when I picked up some!

These just showed up today from the big brown truck. (I know they are not the type of filter you are talking about but thought it might be an item you are gathering) You can never have enough extra filters to keep you going. These look really nice and the bags are resealable to put them in each time you clean them. Tomorrow my full kit decal works will be here and next week DRD exhaust and Works Connection radiator braces. Fun times.:moon:


Thanks everyone. I ordered the Scotts oil filter. I am also going to order a couple spare Twin Airs (152216). However their site lists the cover for washing (160104) but I get an error when I try to look it up and put it in my cart.

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