flywheel/ timing inspection cap fell out

on the left crankcase, there are 2 inspection caps, a large one and a smaller one above. the small one fell out, leaking a bunch of oil. fortunately, i saw it drop, so its not lost. anybody know a good way to secure it?????????

Mine and my friends both fell out while riding. I use billet aluminum plugs now from and put some locktite on them.

looking on their website...

cant find the billet timing plugs? Can you direct me Greg? :D

I must be blind. :)

Just call or email them, for some reason they don't show some of their stuff on the webpage. :)

before I even waste my time trying to contact them, what do both plugs go for?

It's been a few years but I think it was only $20 for the pair.


Thats a totally reasonable price. I can go for that.


E-mailed BRP and they just e-mailed me back.

They are now $35.95. :D

I could have easily went for $20, but with shipping over $40? :D

Ill pass.... :)

Put some pipe tape on them and snug them up with a large screwdriver...they won't loosten up by themselves again...

Bonzai :)

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