Stripped Shift Shaft??

The teeth on my '07 450f shift shaft are f'ed am I? I have average to slightly above mechanical skills, is this a doable repair? Has anyone ever had to replace theirs? Advice appreciated as usual....Thanks.

You will have to drain the coolant and oil, remove the right crankcase cover, and the clutch. After that, you pretty much just pull the old one out and slide the new one in.

As usual you have the answer, seems doable. Why do I have to drain the coolant though?

Because you have to take the right side crankcase cover off. There's a passage that runs from the water pump through the cover and into the crankcase.

Or you could do What I've done back when I was a poor kid. Drill a hole threw the shift lever and shaft and put a nut and bolt in it. But the next time you dump it on that side it will likely break it off and then you'll be forced to change it.

Drill motor, drill bit of appropriate size, nut and bolt. use a nyloc or loctite on it.

You have nothing to lose.

Just do it properly i rekon. Much easier than splitting the cases like i had to on my xr400

just follow the manual and go slow if you have never done it before

Spring for seal, too, and a gasket for the crankcase cover.

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