darn vapor keeps resetting

My vapor worked fine for the past 5hours. Untill i pressed the power button, the whole lcd filledup (all the characters went black) and the km/clock were reset. The hour reading is still there though...

any ideas?

battery getting flat? needs replacing once a year roughly

its brand new?

im sure it has gone bad, i went thru three of them with the same problem. I have a buddy who works at trail tech, and he says that they get alot of them back.

Id say low battery or dirty contacts at the battery. Or do you have it wired to the bike's battery?

There is a battery on the bike. Its not wired directly to the battery. As far as I can see its either running on battery only or its wired to the ignition power.

I will have to check... and i dont really feel like it :moon:

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