What is supposed to be here?

I lost a section of wire last time I stripped the bike down and I'm not sure what is supposed to go to the empty slot in the plug below.


I assume that the section of wire ran to this spot, but am not sure. I do know that it grounded this plug which I had to fix with the blue wire for my computer to work.


The problem I am having is with the electric start. When in neutral with the switch on nothing happens when I press the button, but if i hold the clutch I can hear the solenoid in front of the battery click. I know the battery is good and the starter worked fine before I lost the section of wire and the fuses are good so I'm guessing the missing section goes to or from the neutral switch. My problem is I have no idea where that switch is on the bike or where the wires for it run so that I can check it.

Anyone know/see the problem?

That piece looks normal except for there may have been a cover over it at one time. I have a 2006 WR. Twice I have had the same problem. Both times it was the battery. Even though the battery is or was charged it did not have enough starting power to turn the starter. Trust me. It is the battery. You may have 12 volts reading on the battery and the charger may say the battery is good to go but it you do not have 14+ amps for cranking the starter then all you get is clicking.


I do have that cover, it's just off till I can figure out the problem.

I don't think it's the battery because it worked fine the day before and can still power the computer, plus, the solenoid won't click if the clutch isn't in even if it's in neutral. I also tried jumping the battery with no success.

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That slot is supposed to be empty. The nuetral switch is below the front countershaft sprocket. The clutch and nuetral switches run to a cutoff relay, which allow power to flow threw starter relay. If you are obtaining correct voltage at the battery, and solenoid is clicking, then there should be a drop in voltage when the button is depressed. If voltage does not drop then check wire attached to starter mine was corroded pretty bad and was a little loose. If there is a drop and it is under 10 volts then you have a battery or starter problem.

OK, Ill check this. Thanks!

So my battery goes from 12.6V to 12.3V when I push the magic button (with the clutch in since nothing happens in neutral with the clutch out). I tried jumping a wire from the positive battery terminal to the starter and nothing happened, but I was not holding in the clutch either since I dont have that many hands. It still kicks over and runs fine.

I recommend you trouble shoot the issue by following these steps:

1. Use jumper cables to your car battery to see if it starts. If it does, your battery is toast!

2. Check fuses with am Ohm meter. You can not check them by just looking at them.

3. Look at the shop manual to identify the 2 safety switches. Clutch switch is on the clutch lever and neutral switch is in front of the countershaft sprocket. I use an OHM Meter to make sure the switches open and close continuity properly.

4. Check your starter and solenoid.

Assume everything is bad until you confirm it is good using an Ohm meter. Batteries can have 12 volts and still be bad. You need current to start the bike. Until the solenoid clicks closed and stays there while you measure the voltage, you are not checking it under load.

TIP: If you assume parts are good because it worked just before the failure, you'll have troubles finding the issue.

So if you did run a big wire (jumper cable) from the battery to the starter side of the solenoid, and it did not immediately spin the starter motor, then your battery or Starter are dead. There would be no need to hold the clutch or press the button. Look at your solenoid picture in this posting. One side of the solenoid goes to the battery and the other goes directly to the starter. The starter should spin if you apply power to the starter side. Oh.... Be sure to check for a clean connection on the ground wire on your starter .

Ok guys, I found that missing wire. It was the ground wire for the starter motor. Everything works perfectly fine now lol. Thanks for the help anyways.

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