ok i need some help how can i make a yz426f turn beter and were can i get my rear shock rebuit and charged .:moon:

Off-set clamps or raising the fork tubes for better turning. Off-set clamps might be hard to find for a 426. There's a limit to how high you can raise the tubes before you bring the wheel too close to the fender. If you were to bottom the suspension from a big jump or something and the tire hits the fender bolts it's possible to endo. Having said that, there's a thread somewhere on TT I saw where a bunch of the Aussies run their tubes up pretty high. The trade off is you lose some straight line stability, i.e., increased head shake. Also make sure you don't have too much rear sag or even run a little less than 100mm.

Two options I can think of for suspension. You can either open your favorite motocross rag and look in the advertising for suspension places, or you can ask in the regional threads here on TT who the guys that are closest to you are using. You could also go to a local track and find out who they are using.

I put lower bars on my 02 426 and was amazed at the new feel of the front end in corners. It felt as if I was riding a different bike. I had taller Renthal "fatbars"(1 1/8") on it and switched to the Henry/YZ bend Fatbar(602-1).They are lower and swept back more than my old bars.I don't know if the change is usually so dramatic,but it sure was for me.I suppose my body positioning is better on the bike because of the position of the new bars. Anyway,maybe this will help.

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