Is the WR a capable Jumper???

How does the WR450 do on jumps. I won't be jumping real high but I was wondering if it was too heavy?

You might want to play around with the clickers a bit, otherwise you will be bottoming out on some of the bigger stuff. all depends on you weight.

It is just fine for small jumps under 10 feet of vertical air under your wheels. After that you bottom badly with woods dampening settings. :)

Unless your one of those video air jockeys,it's a very capable jumper. :)

35 ft. double @ Deseret Peak Motorsports Complex Supercross Track


50 ft. single to tabletop @ Deseret Peak Motorsports Complex Supercross Track


Supercross Track @ Deseret Peak Motorsports Complex, Utah site1029.jpg

The WR426 is a GREAT jumper!! site1004.jpg:):D :D

40 ft. Double Jump I Made With My Own Two Hands (and a shovel of course) She can handle HUGE airs. Visit for some video of us at a motocross track here in Utah. There is a 100 ft uphill jump that I fly with my WR426 WFO in fourth gear. :)


The WR's have great suspension. Just take the time to dial it in for your weight/riding style.

Nice pics! Haven't seen those mountains since I moved to Colorado... but at least I still have mountains to look at!

Fantastic picks R1Superstar! The background mountains look great and so does your hang time! :)

It will jump anything you can jump on a YZ 450. You just need to set up the suspension for what you are doing. Just be smoother with a woods set up. You will rail corners better with the woods set up anyway! ---Mike


What a nice track. Those jumps are so smooth and wide.

I think I just found out where I am going for vacation!

We only have 4 tracks to speak of up here in Alaska, most are whooped out, terribly rutted and are hundreds of miles away from each other.

Is that place open year round?

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