I'm Going for It!!! Tips/Comments Welcome!

The bel-ray grease should work fine, I use Amsoil grease since I get the oil there too. Don't be discouraged by the motion-pro oil level tool if the plunger seems really stiff. I've seen quite a few folks complain about it and mine takes some serious leverage to pull/push fluid through it but I'm usually not in a too big of a hurry when doing my forks.

Don't want to hijack the thread, but will the smart-performance fancy fork oil change my fork settings and how so?

I just picked up some molly grease as an alternative. I saw in the original swingarm/linkage thread that quite a few people prefer the molly...so I have it on hand now, just in case.

Dealerships all closed today? Slackers!


Here's some early pics. Tear down is underway.

IMPORTANT QUESTION: I'm to the point where I'm going to remove the shock. I'm going to remove the fastners on the right side of the subframe, and loosen the left side and swing the subframe over to remove the shock. My question is (I've never removed a shock before)...do I need to do anything before removing the bolts in the linkage or the top of the shock? Anything under tension in there? Thanks.


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As long as the bike is on the stand there won't be any tension on the shock. I would recommend taking the swing arm and linkage off and giving them a good greasing while your in there. It's hard to tell when the last time this was done and would be some good piece of mind.


Thanks Chad. Swingarm/linkage re-grease is part of the plan.


just a little tip on the swingarm... It will be a lot easier to get another person to help u when you are going to reassemble it, between positioning it into the right place and lining it up its just alot easier with two people. just my 2 cents

Thanks for the input gentlemen. I'll definately get a 2nd set of hands in there during re-installation...and I appreciate the links to the valve clearance videos!

Okay...off to the garage to pull the linkage/swingarm! (although it's rediculously cold out there...it's only 39 outside! Hey, that's cold for central Florida :moon:)


Hmmm...what to do with this pretty red titanium shock spring (5.5). :moon:

Put it in my office at work as a cool decoration? :cheers:

Anybody have any ideas? :smirk:

Looks pretty good!

Very satisfying working on your own stuff. Looks like you keep it very well maintained as well, nice work. :moon:

Thanks. Truth be told, I just haven't been able to ride real hard with the bike set up for a little person! Can't wait for the first ride on a better fitting bike! :moon:

Just finished re-greasing one of the components of the linkage (w/ needle bearings)...not too bad!

Hmmm...what to do with this pretty red titanium shock spring (5.5). :moon:

If it's red, I suspect it isn't Ti (also because it came from an '09). Better try a magnet on it first. And DO NOT offer anything for sale in the forums. :cheers:

Yes sir, Gray. Nothing for sale here...

Per Yamaha's website for the 2009 YZ450F


Titanium-sprung :moon: , four-way adjustable rear shock with Kashima-coated internals reduces friction for fantastic compliance and great handling.

Good luck with your project but one thing to consider is sending out the shock for a re-valve. That is a stiff spring and even with the stock spring the bike seems to do better with more rebound danping.

Thanks for the input. A few others have mentioned that as well.

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