picked up an 01 426. What do you think ?

Are you using the hot start?

Yep. :moon: It's odd, most of the time, first kick. Rarely does it take even two.

But, every once in awhile, five to ten kicks or more. I read about something that seems to work well when it's hot, and that's to hold the compression release lever down and push the kickstand down two or three times to clear out what is in there, then do 'the drill' with the hot start. It usually works, but once in awhile...:cheers:

Time for a new plug maybe?

Tough to fix intermittent problems.

My '00 doesn't need the hot start very often, quite rarely actually. Maybe yours doesn't either, but the times it does, maybe the hot start isn't functioning properly. Possibly a clogged air passage? I doubt it, but might be worth a quick look.

Sorry for the hijack.

If the bike is running/idling and you pull the hot start lever, the engine will attempt to stall (because it's opening an air passage). If that happens, the hot start is functioning properly.

great score! I just got mine that needed some work for $1100, need tires and front springs are too stiff......Doesn't start real easy, some times it does but most the time it doesn't. I'm thinking the valves need adjusting?

I'm in the high desert 3250 elevation and it seems rich all around but mainly on the low end.

I just back in from tearing up the hood, no trailer involved to go riding.

Man, at these prices, I'm never gonna sell mine!

I think I'll finally finish my light project and keep it for a play bike. :moon:

I Know its sad if your on the selling end... I love my 426, but I only payed $900 for it, and definitely wont be selling it any time soon. These bikes are like the hot-rods of dirt bikes!

I got my '01 426 for 1800 and was lucky cuz it was aready plated for street. Check it out in "My Garage"

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forgot the "t" in out.

Thats a good looking bike! You did good.

I paid nearly twice that for an 02 - but then I am in Saudi Arabia and finding good second hand stuff is not easy.....

Either way, I love the bike - she's very similar to yours!


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