Headlight blews

Anyone blow the headlight on their wr450 other than crashes? Im talking prematurely. I have a baja-desings kit on mine, ran fine with it for a week then started to blow. Called BD sent me update kit, but still blows. Anyone with, or without kit having a hard time lighting the trail :):D

I'm on my 3rd Baja designs rectifier/regulator in three years. (I just replaced no. 2 this afternoon.) If it's constantly blowing headlights, then it probably means your regulator is fried. I blew 4 headlights in 3 weeks before I put 2 and 2 together this time. 50 bucks for the regulator, gotta geta new battery now, $17, and the cost of 4 headlight bulbs. Dammit! :)

I guess that my point is that if it's blowing headlights, then you better get a new regulator. One word of advice: don't hook the battery up to a charger without disconnecting the battery from the rest of the electrical system. I've cooked more than one voltage regulator on other bikes not doing that.

Talked to BD REP said to let bike warm-up before turning on head light. This will may take care of the blowin bulbs. Give me a brake :)

Since this last post I blew 3 more headlights and one lic plate iluminater. Baja designs sent me a 70/75 headlight to see if this would work, gave it a try and blew low beam in about 5 min. They think maybe bad bulb. I just dont get it Anyone with the same problem? Are something close?

Maybe spikes in the system, could be blowing the reg and/or bulbs. Make sure the battery is connected well (no corosion) as this in itself makes a great electrical shock absorber and maybe install a good sized capacitor across the bulb between + and ground to absorb any spikes. Even an automotive condensor may work, get the metal can type with a wire at each end, otherwise, a large one from Radio Shack may help. Of course, looking for excess voltage and/or spikes would be good too. Do you know of anyone with a Fluke 87 meter? These have 100 millisecond hold and record and you can set it to read min/max voltages and look for spikes in the system. A Fluke 88 will do the same, but it only had a 10 millisecond and might actually miss the spike. Anyway, when you figure it out, report back.

The Baja designs guy said alot of bulbs are being blown and they are holding out on selling anymore kits for the wr450. He said the regs are faulty and hope to have a yamaha warranty call. If all that makes sence I dont know. But I will keep you all posted. By the way the guys a bhd have been good about keeping me informed and sending parts (bulbs) overnight. Cant complain about the service billy b.

Great! :D I just installed a BD kit. They never warned me about this when they shipped me the kit. I guess i'll see what happens. :)


I wish you the best of luck. Mine was good for about 2 weeks then it blew. Keep me informed on how it turns out for you. :)

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