I'm trying to help my friend out. I bought a new 09YZ450f and went ahead and put GYTR front and rear sprockets. My friend just bought a awesome 2007 YZ250f. It needs front and rear sprockets. Will the sprockets from my 09 YZ450f fit the 07 YZ250F? It seems like it would but want to make sure before I get into it.

Yes they will. They will fit pretty much all Yamaha full size bikes 01 and up or something like that.

Thanks Wes

The rear will, but the front will not.

The rear will, but the front will not.

Thanks Gray, I will tell him to order one.

speaking of changing sprockets. What is the best way change the front? How do you hold it so you can get the nut off without putting it in gear and puttina a lot of stress on the internal gears.

The best way is to remove the nut while the chain is still on it, in neutral, using an impact wrench.

Failing that, the next best is to do everything as above except for the wrench, and either run a hammer handle or a piece of wood across the swing arm through the spokes, as near the rim as possible, or a stout dowel steel rod across the swing arm through a hole in the rear sprocket.

I heard of doing the same as keeping on chain and using the rear brake.

Thanks Gray, I will tell him to order one.

Sorry about the bad advice man! I just bought a new front for my 08 and I could of swore it said something like 01 and up 125/250/400/426/450 but I was obviously wrong. . .

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