Another 2010 Ride Report...Very Cool Bike!

I had the pleasure of being offered the chance to ride a 2010 YZ 450 today at the Pala vet track. It took me about half a second to say HELL YEAH! Thank you to a very cool and gracious owner.

My impressions are as compared to my stock '06 CRF450R, same track, same day, same conditions.

I'm about 6'2" and 200 lbs. and my CRF is (was) set up pretty well. The track was perfect, very tacky and smooth with some areas of braking/acceleration bumps.

The YZ was basically stock. Unlike some of the comments I've read about strange ergos, the bike felt perfect for me, really not much different than mine.

The YZ felt very light, especially when leaned over in a corner. It turns SO easy, the best turning bike I've ever ridden. Very planted and super connected especially when accelerating hard out of a corner. It hooked up like it was on rails and the suspension was awesome.

The sound is kind of cool, with all the exhaust basically behind you it gave the motor a very quiet smooth feel. I had no issues with the so called "overly responsive" off idle throttle response, it's just quick and crisp.

The motor itself has great crisp low end and an awesome mid range rush that is deceiving because of the relative lack of noise. I would say it signs off a little early but the midrange is so strong it doesn't matter. I only got it up to third gear pinned but it was very fast. I have a feeling that midrange rush in fourth and fifth would be pretty exciting to say the least. I wouldn't say it has more power than the CRF, just different. Smooth, quiet, and very strong.

I forgot to ask what kind of fuel he was running. If that was on pump gas it's even more impressive. I have a 50 tooth rear on mine and I think the YZ would benefit from that as well, at least on that track. I am an unabashed Honda fan. But there is no doubt a place in my heart for Yamaha as well.

In summary the 2010 YZ is a very very nice bike. But then again, even after riding this beauty, my '06 CRF is still a very very nice bike also.:moon:

Great ride report. I like the part about how easy it turns in stock form.



Thanks for the info.

thanks for the great report

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