powerbomb jetting

Hey I put a fmf power bomb and q2 spark arrester on my wr400f 2000,she overheats easy at slow speeds and hills and header glows red hot on start up after 1 to 2 minutes, every thing standard on the bike,can anyone give me a quick fix on the jet scene, to change what? As its all chinese to me,ha ha.

I ride around ocean to low level mts up to 500metres above sea level humid aussie weather.I really have no freakin idea other than reading tt.I just want to buy something and install it.Thanks heaps to anyone with simple insight.

you put that on and didnt jet it?

First, it is normal for the pipe to glow. There are hundreds of discussions on here about that.

Second, the bomb and Q shouldn't have made enough of a difference for you to be overheating like that. Did the overheat problem start when you installed the Q and bomb?

Third, there isn't going to be a specific jet that we can tell you to put in. All bikes and conditions are different.

I had a similar condition. Use the search function for jetting and you'll come across a whole lot of help and confusion.

From what I can tell, you're running lean. Time to get an aftermarket fuel screw, and richen up the mixture.

What we need to know to help is: What size Main Jet, Pilot Jet, needle, clip position, and air box mods you've done.

Read this link and it should help explain a lot too.





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