2010 450 MX Bikes Comparison Data and Graphs Thread

You got that right. There are problems with the 09 Honda that I have yet to even read in any forum. Albeit these were on team bikes, the parts that are busting are stock O.E.M pieces. And '10 Honda did not address these issues.

At the cost of reliability?

The weight gained by these bikes is going to places you don't hear about....all aimed at gaining run time.

The manu's have figured out that bike sales are horrible. They have also figured out that people are struggling to keep their old 4t's running...and that resale is a pain now days.

If they can change the bikes to be more reliable, boost used resale, they can boost new sales as well.

The honda, which IMHO defines race bike to a T (but has issues...) is very light. It is also plagued with more failures than any 450 to date. I have seen quite a few come through my shop...and heard of a quite a few through others. Less weight has its cost.

EFI also adds weight sadly...though I am sure that will easily come down.

It sounds like you re making excuses for the manufacturers. The bikes could be both much lighter and more reliable, if the manufacturers really wanted them to be. The issue isn't reliability, it's money and motivation. The 12-13 pound weight difference between the Honda & Yamaha is significant no matter how you slice it. I would absolutely love to have the better balanced Yamaha with a 10-12 weight loss. They could do it while maintaining reliability, but they felt they didn't need to do it to sell bikes. Since most buyers of the bike are jsut going to be riding it on trails in their back yard.

What issues exactly are you referring to on the Honda that are result of it being too light? I frequent both this board and the CRF450 board more than any others, and I certainly have not seen anything remotely tying these two together.

Wanted to post this here to keep all the data together.

These are the measurements I found:

Seat Height

RMZ450 - 37.6"

CRF450R - 37.6"

KX450F - 38"

450SX-F - 38.8"

YZ450F - 39.4"

Ground Clearance

CRF450R - 13.1"

KX450F - 13.4"

RMZ450 - 13.8"

YZ450F - 15"

450SX-F - 15.1"

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