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bending handle bars... good?

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Has anyone crashed hard with a strong set of handle bars and tweaked or bent anything up front?

It seems to me that you would want your handle bars to bend in order to absorb the energy from a crash. I rather buy bars than forks or cracking the frame.

buy the way... i've bent my stock handle bars 3 times on one side and 2 times on the other... they're about symetrical now.. and no, they don't look like ape hangers! just a little pulled back, more street bike style :)

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Get rid of the stock bars!

Admittedly I don't crash that often. When I do, I usually gracefully lay the bike down. A buddy that rides a KLX rode mine, crashed it pretty hard 'cuz he wasn't used to the power-no damage except for a little scratched plastic. Note I always use handguards, these tend to make the bars stronger too.

I've used Renthals exclusively for the past 4 years. I only bent them once--after the bike fell off the stand onto the cement garage floor. I'm going to try the TAG X5 sometime

The word on the street is the TAG T2 and pro-tapers are the strongest bars. I choose not to use these for 3 reasons:

1.) Too much flex, I like feedback

2.) Expensive when using a scotts damper-you have to buy a new triple clamp for them to fit. Also you need special handguard clamps (been using the same ones for a few years)

3.) Not enough 7/8" bar room for controls. I use the Hebo, damper, and handguards. My light switch won't fit on the non-tapered portion of the Pro-tapers.

If I rode MX exclusively, maybe the extra flex would be welcome?

As an added note, I also like wide bars, even though I'm a woods rider. The extra leverage makes it easier to steer, yet admittedly I do snicker a few trees now and again. the handguards and damper control any glances such as this.

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