Shift stop lever: I'm one lucky SOB!

So after a hard landing a few weeks ago I was having trouble getting my bike into neutral. After a lot of input from your guys, I decided to check the shift shaft and that whole assembly first, and then the shift forks if it wasn't that.

After taking off the clutch and shift shaft assembly, it became clear what the problem was....NO BEARINGS IN THE SHIFT STOP LEVER.

There have been other posts on TT talking about this

and it is a real problem. All the bearings on mine were gone, and the outer race was just rubbing on the inner explains why I couldn't shift into neutral.

I don't have a magnetic oil plug, yet, and so I was lucky that none of the bearings appear to have done any damage. I was able to fish them all out from the oil area in the tranny. Here are some pic:




If you have not already done so, please replace the crappy ball bearing style stop lever with the solid roller style from 2007. The new part number is:


Here is a picture of my segment. Do you think it needs replacing?


I would try to dress up the damage. Clean up the sharp edges & basically polish up the damaged area with out removing much if any material. If you have a dremel & a fine stone for the dremel it should clean up easily. Take your time and easy does it.

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