'07 to '09 yz 450 exhaust

Can anyone tell me the compatibility between the '07 and '09 full systems? My FMF 4.1 slip-on shows for '07-'09, but the Leo Vince system I want to replace it with shows part #'s for '07, and '08-'09... where's the difference?

Specifically, I need to replace a bent stock header, and want to take advantage of the Leo outlet specials, and I was never thrilled about the sound of the fmf 4.1.

Anyone fit an '07 Leo full system to an '09?

Are the ex. port sizes different on the head?

Edited by nwbikerider

07 pipe will fit and work perfectly on 08/09 YZ450Fs.

Running 07 DrD on my 08 currently.


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