FcR carb ~ no fuel spray out from the nozzle

hi guys.. i encounter this issue with the carb. i try to rotate the trottle shaft manually from the carb to see fuel spraying out from the carb nozzle but it wont.

any idea what is happening.. i hv check the diaphragm and the spring. it seem to be ok

Clogged nozzle. Us a small diameter piece of nylon guitar string to poke it clear.

While you have the float bowl off,

1. Did the squirt jet fall out? If it did, all the acc pump fuel would dump back into the carb.

2. Locate the screen mesh in the bottom of the float bowl where the fuel enters the ACC Pump diaphragm. If you put gas in the bowl, does it run out the bottom where the rubber ACC pump diaphragm goes? (Be sure it is not going through the squirt jet or you'll have a false reading. If not clean the mesh.

3. If it does, with the ACC pump off, spray WD40 (using the red pipe) into the various holes in the float bowl that feed from/to the ACC Pump. If blocked, clean.

4. Turn the carb body upside down, locate the hole that mates up with the hole in the Float bowl that feeds gas to the Spray Nozzle in the carb body when the ACC pump activates. Spray WD40 into the hole. It should come out into the carb mouth. If blocked, clean as directed below.

clogged passages or cracked diaphragm

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