De-Tuned Big Red, wife likes it

Had to De-Tune my 650R so my wife could ride it easier. She kept insisting she could ride it, I let her, and she said it was absurdly touchy on the gas. De-Tuned it with a 170 main (600' alt.), clip 3rd pos., and using 34mm exhaust tip (modified stock), 40mm intake, air baffles removed.

I rode it, felt pretty girlified to me, but she loves it.

What is a guy to do ? ? My monster is now mellow! And that is not very macho.

The bike is too big for her, but she loves it. What to do?

My solution is that I am now looking for yet another 650R for myself. And I guess her XR250 is gonna have to go.. Anyone like those? I think they are just an anemic 400R.


Get an Edelbroch carb and turn down the pumper circuit for the frau, up for yourself. That might help with the touchiness. If you got the coin, get her an auto clutch and an electric starter for the BRP.

As for yourself, get a XR50 and a pair of riding pants that say "whipped" on the back. And get one of those leather collars with studs to go around your neck. Remember the movie Pulp Fiction? :)

Hahahaha yeah.. I do remember Pulp Fiction..

And yeah hell I know, I'm whipped.. At she's into bikes though! I have thought very seriously about the Edelbrock carb, might just do that.


Better yet, get a CRF450X when they come out later this year and have the best of both worlds. Then you can switch off bikes whenever you want :)

A frau that can ride a BRP, I'm jelous! :) Think of the other possibilities.....hmmmmm.... :D She got a sister? :D

I dig my hubby's 650 in the wide open desert & sand washes! But know I couldn't handle it on anything technical.

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