52T Rear Sprocket Ride Report

FWIW - If you are thinking of making a change here is my ride report.

I consider myself a slow desert recreational rider. I have been seriously hurt and have no intention of sustaining any further M/C related injuries so I closely monitor the actions of my right wrist.

I just put a 52T rear sprocket on my 09WR450. Prior to the change I felt I was always between gears 2nd was too low and 3rd was too tall. Now after a week of riding I discovered that I pretty much don't think about the gearing at all. In general, 3rd is perfect for 80% of my riding and I drop down to 2nd for hill climbs. 1st is for really gnarly stuff.

One side benefit that I had not thought of, I found myself getting a bit sloppy with gear selection a few times and the motor just lugged way down and pulled me out of the situation. Had I not changed the sprocket I am sure I would have stalled several times.

Of course the front wheel is much lighter and easier to lift over obstacles.

I am very happy with this change.

On my 06 I tried a 52T rear also. i did not like it much. for desert riding it really hurt the top speed (which isn't that high to begin with), and for more technical riding I found that it was almost too snappy down low making it hard to find traction unless conditions are prefect. But, different bikes, different riders, different outcome. Just thought I would add my experience so others thinking about this can make a more informed decision.

I recently added a renthal twinring 51T to my 07. And after a week of riding in the AZ desert I thought it was great. I am considering trying a 52T, but I want to see how the 51T will handle up in the Washington mountains and hills.

I feel your pain,

stock on the 06 were 14/50's and ive run everything from 15/50 - 15/45 Dual sport

But lately im very happy with my 13/50 which is about a 14/ 53/4. Topspeed is about 65max but boy, for close track riding its insane, hill climbs you go out in 3rd and hook fourth 3/4 way up. It lifts the front no trouble in 5th gear off the throttle.

But for anything other then the places i ride alot, its useless. If im doing longer rides ill drop on the 15T front or leave the 13t front and drop on the 45 rear.

I too just dropped a 52 on the rear... What size front counter sprocket are you running?

Figured I'd piggy back this thread instead of starting a new one.

I have an 06 WR450 with stock sprockets, that will not climb anything loose/steep at all. When 3rd loses it's momentum 2nd isn't enough to pick it back up and 1st just want's to throw the front wheel back over my head.

What do you recommend. I'm not worried about highway speeds, but I would like to retain the low end aspect for technical stuff as well. Feel free to include brand names.


I too just dropped a 52 on the rear... What size front counter sprocket are you running?

Stock - 13T

yer thought Id run the 13 for motoX and the 14 for woods... haven't ridden with the 14 yet though?

14/52 works good on the YZ250 two smoke too. 14/50 is stock on the smoker. This is a great mod for slower riding or more technical terrain. I could give a flip about top speed because the forest I ride in has one tree per square foot or more. :cheers:

One day I will put in a WR450 gearbox in my bike. I hafta experience the granny gear. :moon:

Any problems with chain length on the 07 going up to 51 or 52T.

51 works, my axle blocks are right in the middle. 52 probably will work, but it would be close before you would want another link.

Any problems with chain length on the 07 going up to 51 or 52T.


I installed a 52T on a new '09 with a new non-stretched factory chain and it fit. Axle is moved forward almost to the limit but not quite.

I've been running a 13/51 combo on my '05 450. Works great for most single track riding, but might try a 52 or 53 for the no trail bush hogging we do in the winter.I seem to have to do alot of clutching when picking my way thru tight brush. Dont know about the top end. Its too cold to go very fast this time of year anyways.

Running a 13-52 on my 08 WR450F most of last summer/fall. Riding mostly broad single track in northern Idaho with an occasional fire road. The 52 rear allows me to take most hills in 2nd or 3rd. The ability to crawl over logs and through thick brush without stalling has been great. Lost a bit of top end, but still able to hit 70 mph fairly easily. The other bonus is that the chain slap that WR's are known for is reduced.

Im also running 13 52 on my 07. great gear choice for tight tree riding here in Montana

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