2010 YZ450f after market parts

We all know that the 2010 yz450 has arrived and we all are wondering when will these aftermarket parts be out. We all are wanting those high performance parts and bling and things to make it easier to set up so I was wanting to make a list of some things that are available for the 2010 as of now.

If anyone finds a aftermarket part for he 2010 model just post it here and if someone is looking for a certain part or item they can check here to see what brand has it.

The only thing i can find for the 2010 model or the only aftermarket parts I'm interested in are these. But I still need to find some more stuff.

FMF exhaust= http://www.fmfracing.com/Mode/Bike/2010_YAMAHA_YZ450F

Twinair filter= http://dominus.rideshop.com/ViewCategory.aspx?Category_ID=1423

Works connection= http://www.worksconnection.com/product.php?mod_year=425&manu=7&model=YZ450F

anyone find a drain dolt for it it can use 2 8m 1.0 thread by 15mm long its not the 10mm that was on the old ones.

I dont know if I'm reading this right or not but they say this drain plug fits a 2010 yz450f at the top of the heading.

At the right of the drain plug in the info section........it says fits 03-09 YZ 450 & WR450F/WR250F, '01-10 and YZ250F.

Now!.....In any of this info it doesnt specifically state (other than the heading at the top) that it will fit a 2010 YZ450F........does it.

I would like to go ahead and get a magnetic oil drain plug for the 2010 450F if I could find one. But according to projectDirt they arent the 10mm like on my 06 450F they are two 8mm ones with a 1.0 thread.


What are the chances in finding a bigger tank for the 2010 yz450?

I'd like to use one as an XC type machine.

Zipty racing has drain bolts. For them its a 8m 1.25 thread. Its the same one use in the 250f oil tank

But the main question is......What size is the drain plug underneath the right hand side of the 2010 model? Same as the 06-09? 10mm

Need to ask one of these guy's on here who have the 2010 450f to see what size the drain plug is on the bottom.

According to the manual, they're both M8x1.25.

According to the manual, they're both M8x1.25.

They put that small of a bolt down there for a crankcase drain plug?:banghead:

If that is the case........Probably wont be able to find a magnetic drain bolt for it unless someone just comes out with one just for the 2010 model.

I said zip ty has bolts for drain plugs thanks to me.

FYI- Light Speed carbon fiber rear caliper gaurd and rear rotor gaurd from the 08-09 fit on the 10. As does the TM Designs chain guide and case savor. Rekluse pro clutch fits with a thicker gasket and new snap ring ($35 worth) and works killer!


I said zip ty has bolts for drain plugs thanks to me.

They dont give the size of this drain plug but I dont think it is the right one.

The threaded part of the bolt might look the right size but the top of the bolt looks to big to me.


is there a stator rewind kit for the headlight?

thats the right one i just got my 2 the other day gonna put on tomorrow

The drain plugs are the same size. The lower one is a pain to get back in because of the clearance with the frame, and oily fingers.

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the drain plugs are not 10m like previous years.

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