Swingarm Bearings

So this is a little backwards but..... I just got a Pivot Works swingarm and linkage bearing set for my 98 WR. Any body use these before?


Used Pivot Works and All Balls - I can't see much difference - and All Balls did me right in a mixup one time. . . They both work.

Pivot Works and All Balls and Moose are pretty darn good. Some say "only use oem Japanese".

I did a few long-term durability tests, and while it was not scientific by any means, the 3 Yamahas came back after many, many months of riding with near identical results: no pressure washing around the linkage, regular mx and off-road riding and racing, bikes maintained well.

The oem had about 1 failure whereas some other non-oem had 1 or 2. I believe one of the non-oem was due to improper torque settings which created excessive side-to-side loads.

But Pivot Works does the job! Use with confidence.

if you read the stamped codes on the bearings themselves, they are all manufactured by either the same manufacturer as the OEM bearings or similar manufacturers like Koyo or SKF - quality out of these places all meet the same standards OEM originally set.

All Balls, pivot works etc don't manufacture their own bearings, they do the same thing we all do - they measure up the bearings and order a replacement from bearing manufacturers - except they package them all pretty and give you a sticker and charge you 2x what they would cost you through a bearing reseller.

Motorcycle manufacturers will often get their own numbers stamped on the bearings to make them proprietary and your bearing reseller may not be able to cross reference them through this number, but measuring them up will get you the same bearing, probably manufactured on the same line, definitely with the same specs as your OEM bearing.

There will be some that you yourself can't get from a reseller and you will have to go OEM or repackaged OEM like all balls, but any swingarm/linkage/steering/wheel bearings I've needed have always been available. Crank bearings can be a pain to source if they have a machined retainer groove in them.

Thanks for the info guys. I appreciate it. I'll use the P/W without worry. I would have tried a wholesale bearing supply but need all the parts, seals spacers etc...


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