YZ 400 engine in a YZ 426?

Will a 1998 YZ 400 engine fit in in a 2001 YZ 426 frame? I had a top end failure, and even thought the 400 is slightly smaller, I might be able to salvage the bike with the 400 engine.

I would appreciate any input?

Anybody? Gray? I belive these engines can swap easily, but if someone knows for sure, I would appreciate the input.


Don't know for certain, but it should. IMO, the most likely point of conflict would be the fit of the rear hard point to the swing arm, but if that occurs, it could be curable by swapping the steel inserts there.

I think I am going to go ahead and give it a try.

Thanks for the help! :moon:

I know a 99 400 motor fits no problem in a 00 frame and vice versa. Have done both. At some point I think 02 they changed the swingarm bolt diameter and that means swapping the steel inserts in the rear engine mount as grayracer said.

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