why blue woods bikes?

Ohio seems to follow suit, probably 60% ktm, 25% yamaha, 10% gasgas, and then the mix of the others. What really surprised me last summer was the amount of gas gas bikes, actually 4 of my riding buddies switched over to them last year, if it weren't for the resale I would have one, those ec300 6 speeds are really awesome woods machines.

let me start off by saying..... i have always prefered yamahas... the first one that got me hooked was a 92 wr200... very good bike. And am now on a 06 wr450. The yamahas just seem to fit me better, plus they are as reliable as an anvil.

A friend of mine talked me into trying a gas gas about 2 yrs ago. It was a brand new pretty much never sold 01 300 that i bought. They are very good bikes imo, but as you said, the resale is nada.. never had any real problems on the bike at all either... and it is blue to boot.... most people think it is a yz250 at first glance...

back on topic.... sorry gray...

I think Yamaha and KTM have better track records of bringing their latest technology to an off-road package. The earlier IT's and the newer WR's have always been off-road YZ's. I don't know much about them, but my guess is the same could be said for KTM's. The others are always late to the party resting on old designs and can't get a foot hold on the market.

Two days ago someone called asking about this and that, and he said he was trying to decide if he should buy "this" bike: a 2007 yz 250 with 18" rear wheel, Rekluse, large tank, skidplate, stabilizer, spark arrestor.....

I was like "if you don't, I will."

As a 2007 YZ250 owner, I will say that I can fully understand why the 2006-up YZ250s are highly sought after these days. It really doesn't require a whole lot of mods for these bikes to be transformed into serious woods weapons. :moon:

Where I'm at, there are alot of ktm's and Yamahas, but also alot of wannabe motostars from the city trail riding with blinged-out crf's. It's kinda fun to show them up on a hammered, 5-year old yz 2 stroke.

Most of these guys drive lifted diesels with 24" rims, it's kinda fun to watch them load their bikes up at the end of the day.

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