Dynatek FS 07+ WR

Been searching for a definitive answer on this throughout the forums to see if the DYNATEK FS ignition gets rid of the steady throttle stutter. At first I could live with it but since installing Hotcams, full exhaust and JD jetting kit it seems to be more noticeable than previous. I experimented with different needle clip positions using the JD red on 4th and 5th clip position as well as the blue needle just to see the effect. I’m running a 48 pilot with a 170main jet due to the mods already completed and my sea level elevation. I’m pretty sure that it is the ignition giving me the stutter problem.

My question is will the Dynatek reduce/eliminate the stutter and will I notice any power increase with the 4 pre programmed curves supplied with the ignition????


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