Difficult to shift into first

Cross-posting from Dirtrider. Figured I would get a better response here...

So, I was participating in some post-Christmas hoonery around my neighborhood on my WR450 and had a low speed low side . I wheeled the bike home and put it on a stand.

The bike clicks easily into every gear except first. To get into first, it requires holding down the shifter while spinning the rear wheel until it clicks into place. I haven't fired the bike up for fear that something is damaged. Any thoughts? Would a bent shift fork still allow me to eventually get into gear?

nothing wrong. carry on.

nothing wrong. carry on.

+1 this happens to me all the time on my ttr

These type of transmissions aren't made to shift properly without the engine (or the back wheel) turning. Don't worry about it, fire it up and ride.

Check to make sure the shift lever still has a tight fit on it's shaft. When it comes loose it makes shifting more difficult, particularly into lower gears. Otherwise, the bike should be fine.

Mine does it all the time, every bike does it, its nothing to be worried about.

Yep, other than crashing on the shifter side on a big ol' rock and checking the lever and splines (which should be checked for proper torque periodically anyway....I had a loose lever come off mid-ride, not fun).

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