yz 450 forks

What forks will fit on a 03 yz 450? Like will a 97 yz 250 forks fit on my year bike. If any one knows what year of a bikes forks will fit on my 03 yz 450. Reason for i seen some rg3 forks on a yz 250 and i was wondering if they will fit. Thank you

What's wrong with your 03 forks?

any 46mm fork will fit - 98-03 yzf & wrf, any 46mm YZ125 and 250...probably around the same years and older.

Those RG-3's on ebay will fit your bike. Of course, that could also just be a sticker...

I'm not sure what if any refinements where made during the 98 to 2003 time period in suspension, I'd be careful and look into it before I switched out. If your forks aren't damaged have you already had them re-valved, re-sprung? I would look at that route before buying a set that you don't know the history of. Good luck either way.

Quite some time ago I though about switching a bunch of stuff and trying to put a SSS front end on my 2003, but discretion proved the better part of valor and I didn't go there. I had my suspension done by Factory Connection and was very happy with the results.

Even if the fork you saw was a top notch job done by RG3 for the 250 you saw it on, they'd be wrong on your bike. The weight difference would be a mismatch to the calibration.

You can fit any YZ/YZF fork from '97-'09 to your bike with enough work.

  • '97-'03 were the same basic open bath, single chamber design with 46mm tubes, and gradual refinements made through the years, so that the '03 was the best of them in stock form.
  • '04 was an improved single chamber fork with larger, 48mm tubes. It was significantly better than the 46mm fork.
  • '05 was the first twin chamber KYB 48mm fork (called the AOSS), and was a major leap forward, but needed a little work. Very fixable.
  • '06-'07 are the current, advanced SSS twin chamber 48mm fork, and are top of the line material. They use a triple clamp that is 2mm wider than previous years.
  • '08-'09 are essentially the same as the '06, but require the use of a smaller front brake caliper and a different axle

Any of the 46mm forks can be used in your current clamps. Any of the '04 and later forks will require the correct year triple clamps to be used to make the conversion. Steering stops may be different on the '06 and later models.

48mm forks from a YZ250 or YZ250F will also fit, but the steering stem will need to be switched out of the clamps, and the 250F forks are about 12mm shorter. Spring rates and damping would also be wrong for the bike, and need correction.

I totally forgot about weigth difference so im going to look into just upgrading the stock forks to a 48 mm. Thanks guys

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