WR426 with blow engine worth...

Heres the story, I have a YZ426 that I love, but recently I have been craving more. I am a big dual sport rider, but I want something smaller and lighter than my KTM 950 ADV, but still able to connect the trails by hopping on the road, and having decent lighting at night. So I have been looking at all sorts of new bikes, Husky TE510, KTM, even a Beta.

Tonight I realize that I have a friend with a blown up WR426, same year as my YZ. It dropped a valve and has been sitting for over a year now. So why not take the top end and my reworked suspension off the YZ and combine it with his WR, giving me a sweet little road legal dirtbike? I talked this over with my friend, and he is all for the idea, but I have no idea what to offer him for the bike. The WR is in pretty nice condition, fluidyne radiators and a few other nice bits, but obviously isn't going to be in running condition anytime soon. So I would be interested in what you lot think would be a fair price. Should I get him drunk and offer $500? :moon:

Yeap get him drunk and offer him $300 I mean $400 lol

Have you checked out the top end yet? Better give it a real good look. I bought a blown WR and turns out it had a bad piston, 5 bent valves, the holed piston and the loose parts banged up the cylinder. New cylinder, piston, valves, head work, bottom end. If I had known I probably wouldn`t have bought it. All those new parts cost a bundle. But on the positive side I now have a rebuilt motor that`s gonna run for a long time, and I love this bike. Great bike

Well, I am not to worried if the top end is completely thrashed, since I will just be replacing the entire thing with the top end off my yz, but what happened to the bottom end on yours?

not uncommon to have a bent rod when they drop a valve. Cylinder damage is certainly possible too.

Actually not sure if the motor grenading caused that problem, but it had way too much end play. This is all funny cause I wanted a Yamaha cause they are so reliable. And I know they are I just got one of those wonderful ones i guess. But snce the rebuild things have been awesome, and I do some fairly long desert rides so it`s important the bike stays together.

so what do you plan on doing with the left over parts from both bikes

Will probably rebuild the yz at some point and use it as a loaner/give it to my dad to ride. Depends on how much I have to take off of it to get the WR going, if its going to be the whole jug it might be a while until I feel like spending that money.

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