"Starttman" is a stand-up guy....

I just wanted to pass along that I really appreciate a jesture made by Starttman.

I have been talking to him, via PM, regarding purchasing a pipe of his. I wanted it, knew that it would work, and the price was right, I just did not have the cash. I even talked to him about getting on the "installment plan" and he was cool with that.

Now I am of the belief that I *really* don't need the pipe. I felt like a horses-arse, so I tried funding him a couple of bones, for the hassle.

He declined, and said to pay it forward, towards track fees, or whatever, and that he "understands".

hummm, maybe Blue Ribbon Coalition, in his name? Can't stop me from that, can he?

Thanks Chris, I appreciate it.

Brandon Whallon

As long as you dont dontate it to the Democratic national campagin fund. :D

KIDDING!!! (not trying to get anything started) All in good fun. :)

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