Woodrufkey broken in Desert

I'm just comming from a 3 days desert rally, 600 miles, and guess what..wodrufkey broken when elect. starting in the middle of a stream. 3 hours to take my bike out and 6 hours charged to my race account. Yamaha mec team that fixed it in a rush, told me that they are receiving hardened keys from Japan..anyone knows about it?

My friend rode his about 9 miles and his broke. Local dealer had one made at a Automotive Plant that supplies parts to all the big car makes. I heard they are on back order till July... I certainly hope not! Try a local machine shop they might be able to hook you up.

Sorry to hear you had the woodruff key go at the worst possible time. Murphy is alive and well. :)

TBH I really cant see where a harder key is going to help. Unless its totally designed not to break, and in that case why even have it there?

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