Best DOT Tire Today

Lets hear your input regarding this issue. I have tried the Pirelli MT21 and I am not overly impressed as some of the reviewers in the mags. I have my first Kenda TrackmasterII on right now and have noticed that it seems susceptable to chunking. I run on pavement 30% only to get to certain trails if I don't feel like hauling or to go gas up. Would like to know if any others are worth trying?

Forgot to add - mostly soft and sandy conditions in my local riding area. Thanks to all that reply.

Hear me now and believe me later...

Tera-Flex : Tread Pattern II

They are BIG, made by the same company who makes "Super Swampers", they are DOT, cost about $60.00 per, and work well in mud, soft and hard pack, do not chunk and are pretty damn unique.

I am on my third one, and the back of my WZ will see no other tire...

Sorry guys, still struggeling a little bit with my English language :D:)...what do you guys mean by "chunking"? :D

Thank you :D

Big hunks of tire come off at once. Typically around the edges of the knobbies.

Man, that tera-flex looks like a great tire. Any idea where you can buy them?

I sometimes run up to 20 miles round trip of road to get to trails where I do 30 mile dirt loops. I run an S-12 rear M12 front in the winter. As long as you dont hammer the throttle on the street they will last a good 500 miles. (Note, I only do dual sport a few times a month so maybe only 100 miles of that is street) What I will be running this summer is a Maxxis IT. It hooks up in the soft and wears great, even on pavement. Good summer tire combo and CHEAP. Dont run the S-12 if you ride street daily. It will not last. :)

Right off of that web site. I honestly think that is the only place you can get them.

I just ordered the Kenda Trackmaster II yesterday. What are you finding is the useable life on the Tera-Flex? What percentage of use is on and off road?

This is where it gets pretty subjective.... :)

I ride probably 30% on and 70% off. In that, most all of the wear will come from the on-road experience.

Having said that, I will get well over 1,500 miles before changing out a tire. Yes, it will definately be ready to change at that point, but it will STILL be giving decent traction. These tires wear equivalent to a Dunlop D606, just give way better traction.

I saw the rear tire size, but did not see the front. are you running something different in the front, or did I just miss it?

I run a Dunlop D606 up front. Dot, good wear and a good all-around tire. Not very good pictures, but here is a look at my set-up...

Old "Tera-Flex" review....

The Michelin Baja is DOT but not sure if they still make it. It is a great tire.


Did you mount that Tera-Flex yourself or give someone else the privilege? :)

I self-mounted that Flex.

Warmed up the tire with a hair dryer as I was pulling the old tire off, and it mounted right up. The sidewalls are not as stiff as other tires, and it really mounted with out issue.

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