Electrical Problems

I have an 08 WR450F, I have been having problems with the ignition cutting out.

Has anyone had a similar problem?

It seems to mainly happen when you wind the throttle right on, and the bike just cuts out, speedo and all.

It has happened when i was just cruising on dirt road, and i noticed that sometimes it cuts in and out really fast, and while it is doing this the speedo jumps from super fast (110km/h) to Super slow (10km/h) when my speed is no where near either.

It is a real problem when trying to ride over logs, rocks, puddles etc, because you can't get the wheel up in time.

I spoke to the bike shop about it and they said spray WD40 down the key slot, but it doesn't seem to have helped, any help would be greatly appreciated.

make sure your kill switch is not shorting...

The fact that the speedo is cutting out also suggests you are loosing the 12 volts DC to the CDI and the speedo. The power comes from the ignition switch. Check for loose/shorted connections, wires, etc. Also check to make sure the switch is not intermittent.

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