First test ride on a 06 WR450F

Hi, Today i test rode my first wr450f with only the free mods on the street... WOW! I'm not use to that much power. i have been trail riding a 73 dt360 from 92-95 and than stepped up to a 89 XT350 and now want to step up to better suspension and more power but don't want to kill myself. I'm patient riding. the power just surprised me.

my questions are:

1. did you grow into it and love the better handling and more power?

2. did you become a better rider with a nicer bike?

my issues are I'm 40, 5'8" tall 250# (beer) can barely touch my toes on the ground with the WR and usually end up on high altitude (above 11,500') rocky trails. i ride ok but bottom out the xt a lot. its not made for the harder trails i ride. and I'm wot a lot which makes me think i out grew it.

i want to buy this bike, Its like new barely ridden. but would like some advise from better riders before i do wed or thur. i havent found many issues with it searching here.



im 6'5 250 and I needed a new spring for the back.

Love the bike, it really turns you into a better rider.

Most definitely need heavier springs front and rear. Check with your local dealer; they will be able to pull up some options from the likes of Race Tech. After the new springs get put on you will then be able to set rear sag at the recommended range of approximately 3.9 to 4.1 inches.

Right now you are probably riding way too far into the shock's progression if it has the stock spring rate, or even one that is a few kg stiffer.

Good luck and enjoy your new ride!

cool thanks. I'm just hoping its not too much bike for me and i can grow into it. also looking at drz400s but they are heavy. will the 06 wr450f be ok heading up the canyon on the street to the trails? its not a highway just 40 minutes of 2 lane fun each way. I am losing weight and riding harder will help. I also want to try a hare scramble too (senior novice) but take it easy... bad idea on a new to me bike?

I owned a 2000 XT-350 and had a couple relatives that owned them back in the day, so I'm very familiar with the bike.

I say to go with the WR and give it a shot.

I wouldn't be surprised if after your first or second ride that you start to wonder to yourself why you stood with the XT-350 for so long.

The XT is, by comparison, meant for somebody who wants to dabble in trail riding and/or take things slowly - look at the diameter of the fork tubes: 36mm.

That's tiny for a 265 lb. bike with a claimed 10 inches of fork travel, and it pretty much gives you an indication of what the bike is comfortable with doing and not doing.

The WR will give you not only heaps more power that you can put to good use, but the chassis and suspension is gonna' be much better at going straight over rough ground, something that really boosts confidence.

As a bonus, the WR weighs less than the XT.

I don't see why the WR wouldn't handle the pavement ride to the trails, other than burning your fuel and knobby tires.

Just get used to the bike, adjust the suspension for your weight, service your engine oil/oil filter and air filter often, and have a ball.

I bet the trails you have available to ride out there makes the trails available out here seem like a cruel joke, so enjoy it. :moon:

The WR is the perfect bike to learn on. Its only as fast as your wrist.

While waiting for the guy with the WR to get back in town some great deals came up now I'm unsure. 04 ktm 450 exc, 07 ktm 525 xcw, 09 drz400s. I have always owned Yamaha's but wr450 i was looking at was hell to start. do they have valve issues? id be the 3rd owner and its an 06. maybe they just don't ride? now I'm leary. any advise. i have never owned a bike newer than 1990 and only know what i have read here on tt. thanks

Ride blue, the motor is proven. The Drz is a lethargic Wr450

The 525 is a good bike, but it feels heavy for single track.

I went from an 85 XR350 to a 2000 WR400. Now I have an 05 WR450. The jump from the older 85 to the wr was huge. Took me a few rides to get use to it but My riding ability grew very quick with the new bike.

I have always owned Yamaha's but wr450 i was looking at was hell to start.

If the bike was sitting even for a week with gas in the carb, the bike would be harder to start just because of that.

If you visit that WR again, have the guy drain the carb bowl with the little drain screw at the bottom of the carb, let some (hopefully) fresh gas in from the fuel tank, and see how that goes.

When looking at any used bike, you want to scrutinize the things that will need frequent care to keep an off-road bike in proper order - things like the drive chain and sprockets, engine oil level and color, and having a look at the air filter.

Basically, the blacker, rustier and crustier these things look, the higher the red flag would be raised. :moon:

cool thanks. the fuel cock was on for weeks and i tried to start it for a half hour. drained some fuel from the bowl and 5 kicks it started. its super clean and stock except for free mods. paint on the frame and side covers not warn at all and the bike looks new wheels not scratched new 606 tires and near new original tires. he used the jets that came with the ais kit so it needs some fine tuning i think (low end bog part throttle)he claims 130 miles total but the odo will reset if you remove the battery and the spedo is off. wants 4k. he just did the title work and is waiting for it to be mailed to him. his wife is pissed he bought it thats why he sais he is selling it

I wish my frame and covers still looked new :moon: sadly the 1st things that shows wear.

oh ya and the wheels. Ive put a couple of smilies in my front wheel. I reckon if you dont have em, your not riding hard enough :cheers:

I've had my '06 since new. Free mods and a JD jet kit with a White Bros exhaust. It has never let me down. It reminds me of things I need not attempt. Nevertheless, It's a solid bike, able to compete with any. The fear of valve problems, or any problem for that matter, doesn't exist provided you maintain it. It's obvious it won't be an MX bike and that's not what I got mine for. It will do you proud.

cool thanks again:thumbsup: i need to keep on track with my original want... a WR450F:worthy: its too much bike for me right now but i think i can get use to it. and it's the best looking:)

Get it in the woods and it isn't too much bike. I can see how you would think it's too much riding it on the street, you goose it and it wants to go.

to be honest, any modern 450 trail bike is going to be pushing 50HP if its been uncorked....... suspension will be tons better and you will get used to the extra power and will enjoy it once you learn to control it.... it took me a few rides to get used to the throttle... but now its no problem.

Now I feel more confident. just need to find the right low mileage bike. waiting for 3 guys to call or e-mail me back...:banghead:

48 yrs old, I'm a longtime but just a couple times a year rider, I've owned a 1986 TT350 since new > I stumbled upon a deal on a 2007 WR450 in September, I only rode it 4 times before winter set in in the mountains, but I had no troubles adjusting other than keeping the silly grin off my face. Now what to do with the old Nelly.

keep your tt for a buddy to go riding with you galmarrmd. I rode a plated 03 KTM 450 exc today, real smooth power and it has lots of goodies. 2300 miles 130 hours $2900 obo. looks good feels tight and the guy is anal and it appears all the maintenance was done. but it was kinda knocking when cold and the trans was noisy when sitting in N running. pull the clutch in... gets quiet. was quiet riding and shifted great and oil looks new. The 06 wr450f (300 miles with free mods $4,000, title work done but not back from the state yet) I'm looking at seemed to have a power band like a 2 stroke... it hits hard. it might not be jetted right sense it has the needle and main jet from the Yamaha ais delete kit. I'm more of a low to mid range difficult trail rider, can the yami be jetted to fit my riding style and get the power smooth or get rid of that hard hit? do they all have that powerband? gonna ride the yamaha again and get more info. I want the yamaha but the ktm is a good deal. i ride from 6,000' to 12,500' and alot around 8,500'.

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My first ride on the WR in Sept. included lots of rocky creekbed/washouts up steep de-commissioned logging roads and it pulled pretty good, it was a little jerky on throttle control though, but that was my doing for first time out. My brother has the 525EXC, and its schweet. At least I can keep up with him now with out the dangerous overriding of the TT that got me ass-over-tea kettles on more than one occasion. 20 years of suspension advancements is ++.

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