First test ride on a 06 WR450F

I bought an 06WR450 for $3800. Personally, I don't think an 03 450Exc for $2900 is a good deal. I saw plenty of 06/07 450exc's in the 3k range.

Thanks guys, I rode the 06 WR450F i was looking at again but much longer this time and it felt way better to me and easyer to control so i got it :banghead: guess i was just scared a little. here it is... come on spring, hurry up.



The bike looks awesome.

Have fun. :banghead:

Yeah, that thing looks to be in real good condition. That is what I call a good deal. I love my 06. Besides getting the correct springs for the suspension, the other thing I think it needs is a 51 or 52 rear sprocket. It makes 3rd gear pull a lot better. I went 51 first, it helped a bunch, but I think I will go 52 soon just to see if it works better for me. If you are Dual Sporting it mostly, then the stock 14/50 will be fine.

Nice Camaro back there too.

hard to start, could be the valves need adjusting.

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