XR600 - Tire Sizes

Need a DOT approved tire for my thumper and I was looking at the Kenda Trakmaster.

Anyone know if the Kenda Trakmaster II (K760) 120/110x18 will fit on my '94 xr600r, the guy at RockyMountainMC.com said it takes a 110/100x18, but I think that's just the stock tire recommendation, can't you run a size bigger (or is that asking for trouble). :D

I know different tire brands use different sizing so I thought I would ask. Isn't the first number tread width and the second number sidewall height, or is it the aspect ratio (or is that for car/truck tires)??? :)

Any help would be appreciated.


That tire will fit with no problems what-so-ever. You can run a 140/80-18 if you wish. As far as I know the second number is the aspect ratio, but I could be wrong.


First number is tread width in milimeters, the second is percentage of height to width. So, a 110/100 is also 110 milimeters high. I like to use a 120/100 size in the desert because it is about as tall a sidewall as you can get. I am highly interested in the Michelin Baja DOT legal. It's available in a 140/80 size!

The Baja rear tire is a great tire. I us it all the time on long desert rides.

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