first 2001 have came in

I went looking at bikes today and the first shipment of 2001 426s have came in. The bike looks good. I am tring to find the best deal and most dealers want come off of list price. They are going quick!!

Kev- I'd bet you are right since the 2nd year of such a great bike is probably the best time to buy. I bought mine ('00) in June and by then the few that were left were going much cheaper than earlier in the year. I was re-building a YZ250 when I bought mine and was really waiting for the release of the 250F, but while buying parts for the project about once a week for a couple months I made it a point to try and haggle the shop owner down on this 426 that had been sitting there the whole time. Eventually to my surprise he came down to a price I couldn't turn down. Needless to say, I sold the 250 project and I've never been sorry about not waiting for the 250F. I really don't need this much of a bike, but still I'm not sorry I have it. It will be interesting to watch and listen as the 250F's start rolling but it looks like Yamaha has another hit there...


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