first 2001s have came in

I went looking at bikes today and the first shipment of 2001 426s have came in. The bike looks good. I am tring to find the best deal and most dealers want come off of list price. They are going quick!!

They're Here! I got mine yesterday, paid 5601.00 for it. I took it home and tried to start it for about an luck....but there is always tommorrow....looks really MEAN..good luck on your purchase!


Was $5601.00 out the door?

What state do you live in?

I am in AZ and paying $6060.00 otd dealer acts like he's giving it to me!


Congrats on your new bikes guys, I had the same transition on the starting, just give it time. Mine starts first or second kick every time now. It just took awhile to get used to it and after you get it broke in it starts easier anyway...



I live in NJ. I bought the bike from a Philadelphia area dealer in Pa. for 5601.00 otd. I didnt have to pay tax on it because im not a pa. resident. If I bought it in NJ at that price it would have been 5937.06 otd. Some of the guys in this forum claim to have purchased the '00 426 for as low as 4950.00, but that was early last summer when the dealer was trying to get rid the bike. I also was told that the dealer price for the '00 was 4900.00. If you can get the '01 for less than msrp before next spring, I would consider it a good deal. By the way I got mine started this morning, my dealer told me to give it a 1/4" throttle when kicking it.....I think I flooded it last night, so I read the starting procedure in the "Techinical" section and the beast started on the 3rd kick. What a monster!!! I live in a new and unfinished development, so I had a chance to tear up some of the builders unsold lots this morning. The bike feels very predictable and makes very even power...a real pleasure to ride!!! Im used to a 98 RM 250 with a shoulder dislocating scary powerband. Good luck with your purchase!


the 01 in Northern Californai are going for $7075 otd (ouch), I couldn't wait that long

so I got 00 last month with less than 15 hours on the bike for $ 6075 and I had to trade in my old 89 CR500 which they gave me $400 for it. My 00 has the White Bro E Exhaust, Progressive Tripple Clamp, and best of all, it has a green sticker so I can ride any time of year out here. Typically, the new

'track bike' will be issued a red sticker which can only be ridden at a certain time of year out here, but I heard that the Park Rangers are not enforcing the policy yet. Boy, now I don't feel like I got a great deal now, then again I love the ride, can't wait to ride again this weekend!

flying guitar,

Trying to start your thumper with the throttle 1/4 open is the first step in you ending up with a broken leg. I would be very careful.



NO ! NO ! NO ! No gas !

Your dealer must be a DORK !

Never touch the gas when starting you'll flood the beast. They have pumper carbs and dont need a twist of throttle at all to start. Its best to grab the crossbar at first to get yourself away from trying to give the beast gas. Believe me it'll start without the throttle. Choke when cold , nothing when warm, Hot start button when the beast is screaming hot, and never throttle.


Thanks guys,

Last night after I gave up, I read the manual and realized the mistake with the 1/4" throttle, the guy at the dealer is going to get a smack to the head next time I see him. I also read the starting procedure in the technical link of thumpertalk..It was right on the money. Tonight after work the bike started on the first kick...awesome....3rd gear wheelie down the street (still not paved) Thanks for your concern anyway.



I am still waiting on mine, but I live in The Netherlands (Europe) and the will be here in about one months, so the told me. I paid $5729.88 for it (or will pay). I have a '99 Suzuki 250 now, and I am verry curious how the bike (or the beast as you guys call it) will ride. I never rode a 4 stroke so.... Maybe I can't even get it started. I am looking forward to the day my dealer calls.

I took a look at a new 426 yesterday at my dealer, and it looks like they changed the carb around a bit. There are now brass 'T' joints for the breather hoses and they completely got rid of one of the nuisance breathers that hung down low and was susceptible to sucking up water when starting the bike in water/mud.

I have a 250F on order, and cannot wait until it comes in. From the photos, it looks like the 250Fs do not have Excel rims. I know, the photos are of pre-production bikes, and we'll have to wait and see...

... the 250F's will come stock with DID rims...


My brother picked up his 2001 426 for $5179 out the door. I paid $5299 for my 2000 model in April '00.

$5100 OTD back in June. I know a dealer who still has a '00 (I think, it was there a couple weeks ago) if anyone is interested...


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