Got a phone call when I got home....

thought it was some marketing bs but it turned out to be the right kind!

The new 426's are in and I'm getting the 1st one!! ohhhh yeaaaa!

Gonna be quite a change from my 97CR250, but I'm ready to pull the trigger! Damn & the new Motor Cyclist came on Speedvision tonight and the 2001CR250 won the shootout again!

Anybody see it? They had some killer trail riding and I like the way they do their shootouts, good stuff!

Now I havta get the bike and re-grease everything, then there's the break in process and getting use to the damn thing, let alone trying to start a new 4-stroke....

This is gonna suck......hehehehehe


LOL Honda has to win something,to bad its a shootout instead of a title.

Regrease - big YES

Break-in - LOL took me 20 min.s then I was sitting on the line with it

Getting use to it- Took me aloooong time but I love it now

Starting- Simple, choke, find hard spot (you'll know) pull in comp release, move lever down 1 " return all the way to top and " PUSH " the lever all the way through, dont stab at it like you did with the 2 stk. mine fires so easy , I just love watching the 2 stroke guys mouths drop on the line when it fires so easy and then im messing with my googles while its "IDLING" and they are tring to put googles on with one hand and trying to keep there bikes running with the other hand . To tell you the truth the first month with the bike I was ready to sell it,give it away, or burn it,I had a hell of a time making the adjustment, now its one of the best bike I've ever owned !


Hey Gary congrats on the new scoot,now don't borrow a scoot for Washougal,bring it.

Also drtain oil after 1st ride and change filter'check filter for bits of metal.If metal change filter after every ride till theres not any.Above all have fun and roost on them Har V racing guys.

Yep, I hated mine for the first few rides, but I have come to really enjoy it. The first race(hare scramble), I killed it 18 times on the first lap, about 13 on the second and 3 on the third. But, I had not ridden it prior to racing it. Now, I can race and not kill it at all, provided I turn up the idle some. If you have problems with stalling, try the increased idle method. It works for me. In fact, I came off it in the last race and the bike kept churning the tire in the mud bog/rut. Good stuff. I am putting on a flywheel weight tommorrow, so I think that will make it more woods oriented.

Well after recieving a ph call from some sales guy last night to pickup my new bike, I'm getting the usual run-around....

I had originally come to a SET price with the Store Mgr for the 01 426 at $6065.00 out the door. Well he's in Europe right now and it seems nobody else knows about the verbal agreement we had! The sales mgr is all worried about CYA and is starting to backpedal.

I told him "get a hold of Steve somehow cuz I specifically brought my trailer to wk so I could p/u my bike after work". So he gives me the usual "oh don't worry you will get your bike tonight". Well I sure hope so cuz I put a deposit on it back in August and I am 1st on the list, so he better not sell it to someone else cuz I'm all excited and all....

Kind of caught me by suprise cuz they were not suppose to be here till mid -nov. My Cr is still in the garage with last weeks mud on it! Just when I was really jamming on that baby too! Oh well it's gonna take some time to get Big Blue dialed in and me use to a whole new technique of riding, but I'm READY!!!!!!!


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