Stop me from riding!!!

Its rediculous. I ride too much.

I need to scale down to once a week for a couple of hours, compared to riding every second or third day for a couple of hours.

How do you stop yourself from riding?

Last year I put on 7000 miles alone. I just rebuilt the motor and box and got it back on the 18th of December. I already have 14hours on her. I dont want to do a complete rebuild before the next 2 years or so.

Do I lock the bike up and give the key to somebody?


You seriuos?? It's that it?? Come on go do some rideing to refresh that nugget so u can stop whining about rideing to much lmao

get 2 bikes and split the rides between them:ride:

Get a job!

Get a job!

thats part of the problem. Im self employed...

Break a leg!!! :-D

get married ! :moon::lol:

get married ! :moon::lol:

Now thats funny....and true!

get married ! :cheers::lol:

hahah just got engaged on the 24th of dec :moon:

Now you've done it. Well you won't have to worry about riding to much after the Wedding, she'll have plenty for you to do. By the way Congrats on the Engagement

thanx bud! shes pretty okay with me riding whenever I want. (hit the jackpot there)

anyhoo... bike is parked in my make believe workshop in the basement/winecellar. I got some goodies Rox raisers /Pmb rack-it/Pmb insert that i need to fit still.

I had to stop my self from riding for a while, so i pulled my bike to bits and put some wiring on. It worked, just when i needed to ride for some stupid reason i couldn't, but it does work.

Maybe you should move somewhere colder. This is what keeps me from riding too much.


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They all love riding until the hooks are all the way in.

first come marriage .... then the baby carriage - now that is the cure you need.

700 MILES!!!! THATS IT!!!:banghead: i put at least 2,000 miles on my bike every year. i have put over 50 hours on it in the past 6 months! i did 250 last weekend alone!!!

I put on 7000 last year ...

I was going to say that, ha! But in my two recently-married buddy's defense their wives ride just as much as they do.

But you're self-employed (the original poster) and have lots of good time. Take up shooting and don't reload ammo: you'll be broke before you know it and can't afford riding. Ta-day, problem solved. :banghead:

get married ! :bonk::lol:

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