Wr400 exhaust problem

hi all just a quick question my little brother has just brought a yamaha wr400 2000 model we have just got it back home started it up and just left it for a minite ticking over then we noticed that the front manifold that connects to the cylinder block was starting to glow RED now having never owned a 4 stroke before im just wondering is this normal or is there a problem and what is the problem thanks

kinda scary the first time you see it, but if the bike runs ok other than that, it is pretty much normal. They do not like to set idling at all.

there are tons of entry's on here about that.. you really notice it at night...

here is my fav picture of a "glowing header"


They definately do not like to sit for long ( a minute), but if it's running lean it will get hot very quickly. A clogged jet will cause it in seconds at night. Like the poster above said, if it runs ok, it is normal.

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