rejetted with obeln.

I have been reading posts from this site all winter and decided to try to rejet my 2002 426. This past weekend I put a obeln needle in it on clip 3 and left everything else stock. I also put a p-38 cover on it that a guy from work gave me. I noticed a big difference on how the bike runs, it seems to rev quicker and was a rocket as I ripped through the gears. I didn't feel any missing anywhere and it did not pop.

My question is when I pulled my plug after ridding it twice, it was black. Before I did the rejetting, I would pull the plug and it would be really wet and black, now it really wasn't wet, but just black. I was wondering what part of the carb should I concentate on to lean it up some, pilot, neddle or main. I have never seen my plug look anything else but black since I have owned the bike. I would think that if I could get the plug tan it would be running at its peak. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I ride in Michigan, around 1000ft, this past weekend was around 60 degrees.

Yamaha fourstrokes will show a black wet plug when idling before chopping. I would call it normal and not worry about trying to clean up the pilot jetting. If the bike is running well off idle I would leave it alone.

You have to break down your jetting to top end, mid range and bottom end, and test each accordingly.

The tip of the obeln needle is much smaller (richer) than most other needles, therefore a smaller main jet may be required.

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