Have License Plate, No Dual Sport Kit, Still Stock

I went to my local DMV (Dept of Motor Vehicles) with my bill of sale, MSO, Proof of Insurance and current year Tax Assessment and walked out with my license plate and my WR450 is fully street legal and registered for highway use. No dual sport kit, still in stock trim.

So, now I'll just probably install the dual sport bare necessities to make it safe enough to use paved roads to connect the trails. Possibly a brake light switch, license plate holder and maybe a mirror that can be removed or relocated if I can find something decent.

I'm considering getting a personalized plate. There's 6 characters available on a plate in my state. So, YAMAHA WR450F or something along that idea. Have a suggestion?

I found my registration process bazare enough that I thought I would post my experience just in case someone was thinking about trying to get their WR street legal. It may be worth a try to see how far you can get.

Where do you live? That's basically all you need here as well with the exception of the VIN Verification form. Seems like all they really want is the cash from the registration and taxes.

I haven't recieved my title yet but went down to the DMV anyway because they have it on file in the computer system. No forms to fill out...nothing. I simply paid my $26.50 for two years and walked out with a registration and license plate. It doesn't get much easier than that.

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