My Jets finally arrived today, Recommendations?

FINALLY! My carb jets arrived today so I am leaning on the experience of you TT experts by asking for recommendations to possibly get me closer to dialed in from the start.

I am about 600 above sea level, my grey wire has been pulled, my air box has been modified. I have a GYT-R insert but have no sound laws here (yet) so I may run uncorked occasionally or I might modify the GYT-R insert. Carb is still stock and I have most of the jets Yamaha offers available. I also have the YZ needle so I would need to know which clip position. Thanks

What bike are you on? 250, 400, 426, 450?

Sorry about that! WR450 of course!!!

I would start rich and work my way leaner. I expect you will be somewhere in this range: 165 - 160 main jet, stock needle in clip 4 or 5, 72 or 68 starter jet, 48 or 45 Pilot jet. Let the bike get good and hot before evaluating your throttle response. I like a little soft popping on shutting the throttle from 1/2 - full open throttle position. It seems to pull and rev the best from there. Dont forget to set your fuel air screw for the bottom end response. Get a zip ty or copy installed while you are rejetting. :)

Excellent advice Indy! :)

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